Here comes the anxiety.

This is my personal blog which will mainly be me ranting about life, and my journey through trying to cope with anxiety, depression and a borderline eating disorder.
And also if you need to talk don't hesitate, I will always try my best to help.

*Some posts may be triggering*

I have gotten so fat it’s disgusting.
I need to start losing weight.

Phoned the therapy centre and now I have to wait for them to phone me back. This is not helping my anxiety. I’m not even sure if I phoned the right people.

Back on beta blockers for my anxiety and have to phone up to get CBT therapy. So a bit nervous about doing that, but I’m very glad I don’t have to have a blood test.

Anonymous asked: here comes the love, anxiety, can't let it grab ahold of you just like the last time~ hope things start looking up for you xx

Thank you so much for this message, I’m working on getting better :) xx

I’m so nervous. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I think I want to bring up my anxiety again to see if I can get some more help. But I’m worried they’ll want me to have a blood test because I feel sick all the time. I don’t think I can do that, but I really do need help. I’m so scared.

You know,
I am both terrified
Of losing this battle
And terrified
Of fighting it.

On the war against mental illness, r.r. (via bleh-er)

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